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How can Okta be accessed

The Okta dashboard itself can be accessed via the URL (https://womenwin.okta.org). When accessing an application which has Single Sign On enabled (also see "What is SSO and how will you new login flow work" for a detailed explanation), the application will redirect you to Okta after filling in your username.


How does the Okta dashboard work

After your login into Okta, you will land on the Okta Dashboard. From here you can access apps, organise apps, change your preferences and much more. For a more in depth explanation, see this URL or the video below.

How to manage your account settings in Okta

In Okta, you can manage several account settings yourself as a user. Also you view notifications from the dashboard, set-up additional Multifactors etc.

To access your settings, from the Okta dashboard click on your name (top right) and select "Settings"/ From here you can edit the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Primary email
  • Secondary email
  • Phone
  • Password
  • Display language
  • You can also add extra verification factors if it’s required by your org.


On your apps dashboard, you receive notifications from your administrators. Previous messages are also available from the Notifications menu.

You receive notifications when new apps are assigned to you. These are one-time messages that are sent automatically. When you close the Notification box, the new app assignment message is removed. You can find newly assigned apps at the top of the app catalog of your dashboard.

You also receive notifications sent by your administrator. The administrator creates and manages these notifications.

When there’s a new message, the Notifications list automatically displays when you access your Homepage. You can reopen the list at any time to review previous messages.

To view previous notifications, click the Notifications tab with the bell icon in the left sidebar of the Okta End-User Dashboard.



How to reset a password from Okta or through selfservices if you are locked out somehow

Use your apps dashboard to change your password without having to contact an administrator.
  1. Sign in to Okta on your computer. In the browser, type your Okta sign-in URL(https://womenwin.okta.com).
  2. Enter your username and password and follow the authentication prompts.
  3. From the Okta home page, click your name to open the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Settings. The Account page opens.
  5. Change your password using one of the following methods.
    • In the Change Passwords ection, enter your current and new passwords. Confirm the new password. Click Change Password to confirm the change.
    • In the Change Password section, click the link to change the password. You’re redirected to a third-party page where you can reset your password.
    • In the Security Methods section, click Reset next to Password. You’re redirected to a third-party page where you can reset your password.

Reset your Okta password without signing in

If you forgot your password, you may reset it as follows:

  1. In your browser on your computer type your Okta sign-in URL (https://womenwin.okta.com).
  2. Click the Need help signing in?option at the bottom of the sign-in panel, and then select Forgot Password.
  3. Enter your work email address and click Reset via Email. You'll receive an email with instructions and a link to reset your password.Note: If you’re part of an OIE org, you may have the option to use a different MFA factor to reset your password, depending on your org's settings.
  4. If available, select the Sign me out of all other devices checkbox if you want to end all sign-ins on all devices and browsers.
    IMPORTANT: Sign out of all devices if you think your account is compromised.


What is MFA and how to setup Okta verify for multifactor


What is SSO and how will your new login flow work


Important Links

- End User Training information: as an end user, here you can find all relevant information and explanations about Okta

- Okta Knowledge Base: as an admin and end user, here you can find extended information about Okta, it functionalities, option and much more

- Okta Identity Engine Knowledge base: as an admin, here you can find extended information about the Okta Identity Engine, which is the backbone of your Okta tenant. Learn to setup policies, create users, add apps, change security settings and much more.

- Okta Community: as an admin and end user, you can use this forum resource to learn about Okta, ask other users for information and/or questions and engage with the Okta community.


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