Service Disruption April 24th 2015

Around 16:39 PM GMT / 08:39 AM PST, we began receiving reports of performance issues for customers whose accounts are located in our West Coast datacenter. We will update with more info as soon as possible.

16:55 PM GMT / 8:55 AM PST - We are seeing an improvement in the performance issues affecting a portion of our customers. Will continue to monitor performance.

17:13 PM GMT / 9:13 AM PST - The performance issue that affected some customers has stabilized and we\\\'re continuing to monitor.

17:34 PM GMT / 9:34 AM PST - The performance issue is now resolved. Pending updates to tickets will resolve in a few minutes.


The root-cause of this issue was found to be a network provider that had problems on the US West Coast region that caused intermittent connection issues for our datacenter located in that region.

Once this was identified as the cause for the degraded performance, our Network Operations team deactivated the network route that was causing the issues which stabilized the connectivity to the datacenter until the network in question was back up and running expected.