Service Disruption June 5th 2015

18:12 GMT / 11:12 PST

We’re investigating reports of issues accessing Zendesk for some customer accounts. We\\\'ll update when we have more info.

18:22 GMT / 11:22 PST

The access issues that were occurring for some customers should now be resolved. Thank you for your patience.


The cause of this issue was found to be a network connectivity issue at our East Coast data center where one of our network providers was experiencing issues.  This caused some customers to be unable to reach their accounts and log in.

Once this issue was observed, proactive steps were taken by our Operations team to immediately begin rerouting traffic to not use this network provider until their issues were resolved.  When the traffic was rerouted, customer connectivity returned to normal levels and the issues were resolved.

It was determined that in this situation, that additional monitoring would not have been able to prevent this disruption. We are currently investigating if there are areas of improvement that could speed up the rerouting of traffic through other networks in a much more efficient manner to minimize the impact in the future when a similar issue occurs.