Service Incident Email Delivery to Yahoo com Domains

On June 29, 2015, we saw a significant increase in customers reporting Zendesk email being delayed or refused for delivery at After a detailed investigation, we have determined that email sent from a subset of our servers is being blocked as spam by Yahoo. The majority of the impact is being felt by customers in our EMEA data center.

We reported and then escalated this issue with Yahoo and are currently working directly with them to resolve the issue. We acknowledge this process is frustratingly slow and we know that email communication is a critical channel for you. We have made resolution of these delivery failures a top priority.

We do not yet have an ETA for resolution but are making progress working with Yahoo. We will continue to update you as we get more information. Please note that this problem only affects emails addressed to Yahoo mail domains (see below for a representative list of yahoo mail domains). This does not impact email addressed to other email domains (e.g. gmail, hotmail, etc).

Let us know if you have any followup questions by emailing us at

 Which domains may refuse delivery?

Emails to the following domains may be refused for delivery or delayed until this issue is resolved:

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  • \\\"Avatar\\\"
    Markus Bähr

    hi john, is there an update on this? if the mail is refused, does this trigger an automated response to us so the ticket would get updated? t

  • \\\"Avatar\\\"
    Dara Garvan

    Hey Markus

    I'll open a ticket to cover your options with you.


  • \\\"Avatar\\\"
    Steve Wiseman

    Let me suggest a temporary method to deal with the situation. This also answers Markus's question above.
    1. Create an Organization with the Yahoo domain (or all the domains listed in this article).
    2. If you look at the new Yahoo Organization, you will see all relevant tickets sent from a customer with a Yahoo address. You could also make a View if you prefer. You can now deal with any of the tickets you have missed.
    3. Create a macro to send to your team whenever a new ticket is received from the Macro Organization.
    4. Instruct them in that email what to do - write to the client from outside of Zendesk but ensure any correspondence is either also sent to the unique Zendesk email or paste as an Internal Note in the ticket. This way you ensure you will still have the full story inside the ticket.

    If you need more specific instructions, let me know and I can be more detailed about what to set in the Trigger.

    BTW the crux of the idea came from Ian LaPhilliph at Zendesk support (let him take the credit :) )

  • \\\"Avatar\\\"
    Markus Bähr