Service Interruption August 10th Email Processing Delays


09:21GMT / 01:21PST:

We are investigating reports of email delays for some customers. More info to follow

09:42GMT / 01:42PST:

We are still working through the current issues causing email delays for some customers

10:29GMT / 02:29PST:

We are continuing to work through reports of inbound email delivery issues.

11:01GMT / 03:01PST:

We have now identified and are actively working on the likely cause of issues affecting email delays, attachments and some voice services.

11.47GMT / 03.47PST:

We are continuing to mitigate email delays, attachments and some voice services related to ongoing S3 service issues

12.25GMT / 04.25PST:

Issues affecting attachments and some voice services have now been resolved. Continuing to work on some ongoing email delays.

12.54GMT / 04.54PST:

We are now seeing improvements on most email delay issues. We will confirm once all are resolved. 

1.06GMT / 05.06PST:

All issues affecting email delays are now confirmed as resolved. Post-mortem to follow shortly.