Facebook Page Deauthorization Service Incident on May 14 2015


Beginning at approximately 3:25PM CDT, customers reported receiving emails about integrated Facebook pages being deauthorized. As of 12:30AM CDT, the issue has been resolved, and we expect that all relevant facebook posts made during the event will have been converted to tickets by 3:00AM CDT.


4:07PM CDT: \\\"We are continuing to investigate issues with Facebook pages that have become deauthorized.\\\"

4:28PM CDT: \\\"We are continuing to investigate issues with Facebook authentication. Next update in 30 minutes.\\\"

5:02PM CDT: \\\"Continuing to investigate issues with Facebook authentications. Next update in 30 minutes.\\\"

5:14PM CDT: \\\"You will be able to reauthenticate your Facebook page, however a subsequent Facebook ticket will immediately deauthorize the page. We are continuing to try to resolve this issue and will update within the next 30 minutes.\\\"

5:42PM CDT: \\\"We have contacted Facebook and provided a suggested resolution.  Facebook has not yet confirmed when they can implement the fix. We will update here periodically until we have confirmed a resolution.\\\"

9:00PM CDT: \\\"We are continuing to work toward resolution of this issue with Facebook and will post updates here as we have them.\\\"

12:30AM CDT: “We’ve worked with Facebook to resolve the issue with our integration. Posts and private messages are now converting to tickets normally and we expect that within the next 1-2 hours all posts that were made during this incident will be converted into tickets. We will post a summary of our post-mortem investigation here once it is completed.\\\"