Issues Accessing new Trial Accounts July 1st 2015


As of July 1, 2015 5am PST, we are working to resolve the following service incident:

1PM GMT / 5AM PST: We are currently investigating reports of issues accessing new trial accounts

1.18PM GMT / 5.18AM PST: We have found the source of the problem and are currently investigating a possible fix. More info to follow

1.40PM GMT / 5.40AM PST: We are actively working on a fix to allow access to those new trial accounts affected by the current issue

2.18PM GMT / 6.18AM PST: The creation process for new trial accounts has been fixed and we are working on making those previously affected by the issue accessible.

4.10PM GMT / 8.10AM PST: The issues affecting access to new trial accounts created earlier today have been resolved. Post-mortem to follow here shortly.