Service Incident September 14th 2015


As of Sept 14th at 09:40AM GMT, we are working to resolve the following service incident:

Performance issues affecting some customers. More info to follow.

10:10 AM GMT We have identified UI Issues as causing performance problems affecting some of our customers. More updates to follow.

10:40 AM GMT We are happy to report that the UI issue is now resolved. When completed, a post-mortem will be published here.


This incident was a follow-on to the disruption on September 10th. On September 11th, we once again attempted the deploy of Zendesk Apps Framework; however, the UI bug was not 100% fixed. As the deploy was done on Friday evening in PST timezone, it went unnoticed until the following Monday. To fix, we rolled back the deploy. Please see this article for more detailed into on the September 10th incident.