Service Interruption August 20th 2015

19:55 GMT / 12:55 PDT:

We are currently investigating formatting issues with the content of some email notifications.

20:40 GMT / 1:40 PDT:

We have identified the likely cause of this issue, and are working on solutions to fix it. More to come…

00:00 GMT   / 16:00 PDT:

We’ve confirmed Liquid Markup formatting issues are resolved. We continue to investigate a fix for unexpected line breaks in email reported by a few customers.

 01:15 GMT / 17:15 PDT:

Investigation and work to resolve the linebreak formatting issue continues, we have not yet found the resolution. This issue is not wide-spread, but is impacting a small subset of customers in one of our data North American data centers.  We will continue to focus on this issue until it is resolved.

Next update will be in approx. 2 hours in this article.  Twitter followers have also been referred to this article for additional updates.

02:52 GMT/ 19:51 PDT:

The issue with linebreak formatting was resolved at approximately 01:18 GMT/19:17 PDT.  A post-mortem will be provided here.