Service Interruption August 21st 2015

6:46 GMT / 10:46 PDT:

We are currently investigating reports of a performance issue for some customers on one of our European datacenters.

7:09 GMT / 11:09 PDT:

Investigation of reported slowness for some customers continues.

7:25 GMT / 11:25 PDT: 

Performance issue resolved. Post-mortem to follow.  Preliminary investigation indicates that a database process consuming significant resources caused the performance degradation.


This incident by a very large bulk operation (ticket field deletion) that was performed by one of the customers hosted in our EU data center, causing slow performance for all other customers hosted in the same center. Our Operations team worked to identify the operation and kill the job to ease the pressure on the servers.

As a result of this incident, we have reviewed how we handle ticket field deletion - this will now be performed in batches, rather than in bulk, and prevent any similar incidents going forward.