Zendesk Beta's

Zendesk opent beta's voor sommige nieuwe functionaliteiten, voornamelijk om feedback te verzamelen. Het geeft een goede indicatie van punten die dicht tegen release aan zitten.

De meeste beta's hebben een eigen gedeelte op het beta forum binnen Zendesk, daar vind je meer informatie. Wil je mee doen aan een van de beta's dan kun je je via die pagina's opgeven.

Branded Ticket Forms

Those using both Multibrand and Ticket Forms have been restricted thus far in that all of their forms are available to all of their brands. This new feature set allows you to fix that problem, and restrict access to forms by brand.

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HTML Email processing

Until now, Zendesk has only brought plain text email into new tickets and comments. Now we will take inbound email and read the full HTML version with all text formatting, images, and layout.

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Embeddable NPS

The Embeddable NPS beta enables you to serve a Net Promoter Score survey to your customers directly on your website. Currently, NPS surveys are only offered via email.

Learn more about the Embeddable NPS beta

Gmail connector improvements

Currently, the Gmail connector set up on your account only receives email. We are testing a feature that would send email through Gmail as well, skipping Zendesk's servers and keeping everything in your Gmail or Google Apps account. 

Learn more about the Gmail connector improvements beta

Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management beta is a new application in your ticketing interface that enables you to better manage your Help Center articles. You can build basic workflows around your content to make maintaining content easier. You can also build and save dynamic lists of articles, using search, filters, sorting, and language, to support personal workflows. More functionality will be added during the beta.

Learn more about the Knowledge Management beta

Analytical Designer for Insights (Plus and Enterprise)

A new and intuitive way to create reports in Insights, easily and quickly. No more 'What' and 'How', the Analytical Designer is a new environment for flexible data discovery and visualization design that empowers analysts to be more self-sufficient and productive when they create data visualizations. 

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Voice prepay 

We're changing how you pay for Voice credits towards a prepay model. This feature is currently in beta. With Voice prepay, you add calling credits to your account at an amount that works for your business. If you enable auto-recharge, we automatically re-credit your account when your credit runs low, saving your time and hassle. We can also deliver discounts to you on some bundle sizes. We're initially looking for credit card Voice customers for this beta.

Community v2

Community v2 moves the focus to also support other community types. So where Community v1 only supported customer support interactions, Community v2 also supports interactions where the main objective is to get end-users to engage with each other.

Article search for agents

We're continuing our improvements to the search experience. The next phase involves moving article search to a newer technology called Elasticsearch. Before we make this change for your end-users in Help Center, however, we're first going to roll this change out for your Agents in the agent interface.

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Customer satisfaction reasons

No matter how hard we try to ensure good customer satisfaction ratings, bad satisfaction ratings happen. But you don't always know the reason behind the bad satisfaction rating. To help with this, we're building a new configuration option to our customer satisfaction rating surveys where you can ask your customers a follow-up question after a bad satisfaction rating. 

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Customer satisfaction prediction app

Zendesk is implementing a new feature that will allow customers to predict the satisfaction of tickets. Zendesk's Machine Learning infrastructure creates a model (which is updated regularly) for your specific account. New tickets, and ticket updates are then evaluated against the model to determine whether the ticket is likely to elicit a good or bad satisfaction rating.

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Quicktab for Chrome

Quicktab for Chrome attempts to make tab management a little easier by making sure that any "/agent" link you click on, or alternatively just ticket links, open within an already existing "/agent" browser tab.

Learn more about the Quicktab for Chrome beta