Service Incident October 31st 2015

As of 07:00am UTC / 12:00am PST we're investigating the following service incident:

Performance and access issues for some of our customers.

08:00am UTC / 1:00am PST:

Service has been restored.


This incident was caused by a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attach against a Zendesk IP address. Several US-based data centres were impacted and customers whose accounts are located in those may have experienced slowness and access problems. 

Our monitoring software should have detected traffic spikes above 1Mb and alerted, but were not triggered for proactive measures to be taken. Alerting has been reconfigured and will be monitored for proactive alerting in the future.

DDoS mitigation systems were engaged once it was confirmed as DDoS at 7:37 UTC. At 7:45 service has stabilised and by 8:00 we have verified this incident as resolved.