Service Incident November 5th

11:32 GMT/ 03:32 PST:

We are investigating reports of customers being unable to access Insights.

11:53 GMT/ 03:53 PST:

We are actively working with our provider on investigating the current issues accessing Insights

12:12 GMT/ 04:12 PST:

We are continuing to work with our provider to identify the root cause of Insights access issues.

12:26GMT/ 04:26 PST:

The issues affecting Insights access have now been resolved. Post mortem to follow


This incident was caused by an error on our partner's side. As a part of GoodData's usual expired Single Sign On (SSO) keys deprecation routine, the
Zendesk key currently used in production was mistakenly put down. This led to inability to access the analytical dashboards from Zendesk through SSO. No other functionality was impacted: data loads were running and the scheduled emails worked as expected.

The process of deprecating the expired keys is semi-­automatic and relies heavily on the accurate detection of the validity periods. Unfortunately, the system failed and the Zendesk key with indefinite validity has made it into the list and once the deprecation commenced it was disabled along with the other keys. To recover normal operation, the key has been restored which ensured that the analytical projects became accessible for end­ users again.
GoodData have expanded their test base to catch similar problems during QA.