Service Incident September 14th 2015


As of Sept 14th at 14:03 PM GMT+1, we are working to resolve the following service incident:

Ticket creation delays for our European customers. More info to follow.


14:21 GMT+1 /6.21 PST

Our team is working at mitigating the delays impacting the ticket creation on our European data center.

14.42 GMT+1 / 6.42 PST

We have identified the cause of delays impacting ticket creation and are working on a resolution.

15.03 GMT+1 / 7.03 PST

We are continuing to work on a resolution to the ticket creation delays our European data centre customers are currently experiencing.

15.38 GMT+1 / 7.38 PST

Our team are currently implementing a fix to help resolve ticket creation delays impacting some customers. More information to follow.

16.23 GMT+1 / 8.23 PST

We have seen a decrease in ticket creation delays since implementing a fix. We will update once we have confirmed all issues are resolved.

16.33 GMT+1 / 8.33 PST

The issues impacting ticket creation have now been resolved. Post-mortem to follow on this article.