Service Incident on November 4th 2015


As of 12:50 GMT / 04:50 AM PST we are working to resolve the following service incident:

We are currently experiencing issues for customers trying to access the Support section of our website.

13:40 GMT / 05:40 AM PST

We have found the root cause of access issues to our Support site and are working on a fix. Please continue sending requests to 

14:10 GMT / 06:10 AM PST

You should now be able to access all areas of our website including the Support portal to submit requests. Thank you for your patience.


This was a minor incident that did not impact any functionality of Zendesk for any of our customers; however, some users may have been unable to access our support portal to contact Zendesk Support (email, phone, chat channels were functioning as normal). was returning 502 errors only when acessing the root of the website. Specific paths, e.g. were accessible.

This problem was cause by a Help Center deploy earlier that day, which contained a code error that disabled the redirect to Zendesk HC when is accessed. While we have tests in place that would have detected this error, it was not surfaced during QA. We're identifying ways to improve our testing as a learning from this incident.