Service Incident on January 5th 2016

As of 11:05 AM GMT / 03:05 AM PST we are working to resolve the following service incident:

We are investigating issues with uploading images on help center. More info to follow.

11:25 AM GMT / 03:25 AM PST:

Our operations team are working on a fix for the uploading images issue on help center.

11:52 AM GMT / 03:52 AM PST:

We are happy to report the issue with image uploading in the help center is now resolved. Postmortem to follow below.

This incident began when some Help Center code was deployed to production with a CSS error that caused the image uploader in article editor to be displayed in a way that the the “Insert” and “Close” buttons were opening the file upload dialog instead of their proper function.
The error was made while fixing a bug for right-to-left locales in the HC admin stylesheets. The admin pages were not manually tested to still be working in left-to-right locales as the change was deemed too trivial to run this through our standard suite of QA tests (which would have caught the issue). The deploy was reverted immediately after an alert was raised for this problem.
To ensure that smaller changes are QA'ed before being pushed to production, we're working on developing a set of minor, less cumbersome tests that can be used to quickly test UI changes.


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