Service Incident February 4th 2016


17:16 UTC | 09:16 PT
Thank you for your patience. The issue with Help Center drop-down fields has now been resolved. Post-mortem to follow:

16:54 UTC | 08:54 PT
Engineering mitgation efforts for Help Center drop-down issues continue.

16:38 UTC | 08:38 PT
Help Center issues impacting drop-down fields and menus for multiple browsers are being remediated.

16:17 UTC | 08:17 PT
We are aware of Help Center issues for Internet Explorer users and are working to deploy a fix.


A change in Help Center configuration inadvertently disabled Babel ES6 (the latest version of ECMAScript) transforms. As a result, Help Center JavaScript bundles in production contained ES6 code that caused errors for older browsers. In particular, all IE versions were affected as they support very few ES6 features natively.

Additionally, Help Center JS modules that are already imported with the new ES6 import syntax were left out of the final JS bundles. During this incidents, some customers would have experienced that a number of Help Center features, like drop-down fields and menus, were broken. The majority of Help Center frontend code, however, is still ES5 and AMD module based, so most core features were still working. 

To resolve the errors, we rolled back to a previous release of Help Centre. We're currently looking at improving our automated tests pre-deploy: in this instance, more extensive testing on browsers that don't support ES6 would have helped surface the problem.