Service Incident February 9th 2016

13:41 UTC | 05:41 PT
Performance issues have now stabilised. We will continue to monitor closely. Post mortem to follow:

13:09 UTC | 05:09 PT
Our investigation continues but we are seeing improvements to some affected services.

12:49 UTC | 04:49 PT
We continue to investigate performance issues impacting our services in our European Datacenter.


An undetermined upstream network hiccup caused a disconnection between a service in our European data center and it's mediators, causing a massive flood of reconnection attempts. During this time, there was a significant uptick in outbound traffic, in response to the requests, which caused a network circuit in said data center to become over saturated and drop traffic. This affected various Zendesk services for accounts hosted in the EU data center, as well as caused disconnections in Zopim.

Traffic subsided organically after mediator connections were re-established.


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