Service Incident February 11th 2016

13:43 UTC | 05:43 PT
Search is currently working as expected. We will update if there any changes to performance

11:49 UTC | 03:49 PT
We continue to see improvement with search at our EU data center. We are closely monitoring this and will update shortly.

11:13 UTC | 03:13 PT
We are seeing improvements with search in our EU data center. We will continue to monitor this closely.

10:43 UTC | 02:43 PT
Our operations team continue to work towards the improvement of search services affecting some EU Data Center customers.

10:06 UTC | 02:06 PT
Our operations team continue to mitigate search issues affecting customers. We will provide an update in 30 minutes.

09:46 UTC | 01:46 PT
Our operations team continue to mitigate the search issues in our EU Datacenter.

09:31 UTC | 01:31 PT
Our operations team work on resolving the search issues affecting EU customers.


In the week preceding this incident, we have experienced a number of incidents related to search in our European data center (see the entry for February 8th for more details). On February 11th, our Operations team were working to add capacity to this data center to prevent further issues. One of the endpoints that was being added was assigned less memory than intended, leading the search cluster to become unstable and causing poor search performance in Help Center and Zendesk. This was corrected and the search cluster in EU data center has now been fully upgraded and extra capacity has been added. 


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