Service Incident March 31st 2016

10:15 UTC | 03:15 PT
We are happy to confirm that the app sidebar issues affecting some customers is now resolved.


A new version of our Zendesk Application Market (ZAM) was deployed on March 30, along with an updated version of the Pathfinder app. Following that deploy, we received reports about issues with screenshots and other assets failing to load. We then rolled back the deploy to temporarily restore the assets and give us time to further investigate what happened.

Our investigation confirmed that the new version of the Pathfinder app was not compatible with the old version of the ZAM, which resulted in a bad assets being stored and prevented other apps from loading on accounts that had Pathfinder installed. We were able to fix the problem with Pathfinder, allowing us to re-deploy the ZAM and the app without incident.


Please subscribe to this article for regular updates until the issue is resolved. If you aren't subscribed to our Twitter feed, we encourage you to do so in order to get the most current information about any service issues. We also record all site outages on our system status page where you can see the past 12 months of service uptime. If you have questions about this issue, please open a ticket with us by sending a note to