Service Incident March 3rd 2016

22:03 UTC | 14:03 PT
The user update issue should now be fixed. Please refresh your browser.

21:57 UTC | 13:57 PT
A fix is being deployed for the issue that is preventing user updates.

21:41 UTC | 13:41 PT
Work continues to investigate issues with updating user data via the interface. Updating via API still works.


This incident was caused by a bug in our console code; the deploy containing this code was originally marked as failed, even though it pushed out new assets to some users. It was then deployed again in the deploy that started this issue. For the duration of the incident, any changes that users made in the agent interface were not being saved. 

Ideally, this scale of breakage would have been identified in browser tests. This particular incident would not have occurred if there was more manual testing done during development, despite any gaps in automation testing. 

Upon identifying the bug, we rolled back to an earlier version of the agent interface. Between the bad deploy and the first attempt at a rollback, a misconfiguration to proxy hosts had occurred, delaying things slightly.

As a result of this incident, we've expanded our browser test coverage to include user profile pages in Zendesk; covering agent/admin roles, as well as changing and saving user and customer data. This will allow us to catch a bug such as this in testing going forward. 


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