Service Incident April 8th 2016

01:09 UTC | 18:09 PT
The issues regarding search services affecting our EU customers has stabilized. 

22:16 UTC | 15:16 PT
We're seeing some sporadic recurrence of the search issue and are working to stabilize.

20:34 UTC | 13:34 PT
Search remains stable. It will take a few hours to confirm search results include recent updates for impacted customers. Update in 90min.

19:21 UTC | 12:21 PT
The search issues impacting our EU customers are resolved, but some customers may not see recent ticket updates in their search results yet.

18:14 UTC | 11:14 PT
Search issues impacting EU customers have stabilized. We are engaging in recovery and monitoring the situation.

17:11 UTC | 10:11 PT
Search service still impacted for EU customers. Root cause and mitigation efforts ongoing

16:03 UTC | 09:03 PT
Work continues to improve search services for EU customers.

15:02 UTC | 08:02 PT
The search service situation continues to improve, as we continue to work on a resolution.

14:15 UTC | 07:15 PT
We apologize for the inconvenience regarding search issues affecting our EU customers. Our operations team continue to mitigate the problem.

13:35 UTC | 06:35 PT
Our Operations Team continues to mitigate the issues related to search affecting some of our customers accounts.

12:59 UTC | 05:59 PT
Please bear with us, while we continue working on a resolution for the search issues impacting some accounts.

12:41 UTC | 05:41 PT
Our Operations team is still hard at work, working on a resolution to the search issues currently impacting some accounts.

12:11 UTC | 05:11 PT
Our Operations Team continues to work on a fix for the search issues impacting some of our customer accounts.

11:50 UTC | 04:50 PT
We're working hard to troubleshoot the ongoing incident affecting search in Zendesk. No ETA to share yet. More info to follow as we have it

11:31 UTC | 04:31 PT
Our Operations team continue to investigate a disruption to the search service impacting some customers. More info to follow shortly




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