Service Incident July 25th 2016 Views affected by Chrome update

17:36 UTC | 10:36 PT
We have deployed a patch that we believe has resolved this issue. We are following up with affected customers to verify.

15:37 UTC | 08:37 PT
Investigation is ongoing for performance issues for Chrome users. While we work on a fix, please use a previous version or another browser.

14:16 UTC | 07:16 PT
We continue to investigate issues impacting latest Chrome users. Please use previous version or another browser whilst we work on a fix


After users updated their Chrome version to version 52.x+ they started experiencing unexpected views behavior. Upon investigation it was found that a call to an API was not being made during the view update. The code was refactored to force the reload and avoid this looping behavior, resolving the issue. Investigation is still ongoing to determine what changed between Chrome versions 51 and 52 to cause this issue, though a change in AJAX calls appears to be the culprit.


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