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Congrats! You just received your brand new Windows laptop, that's awesome! We understand you can't wait to start using it. Ofcourse, before you actually use your Windows device, there are a couple of steps to be taken before you can use the wonderfull apps and programs Microsoft has to offer! In this article we show you how you can set up your Windows device and log in using your Microsoft workaccount.

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First setup

  • Turn on your Windows laptop on. Your screen will first show a image of the manufacturer and then a Windows load circle will appear. See below for an example.

  • After this screen is done loading, you will get prompted to region/language menu. Please choose your preferred language and click on Yes.

  • In the next screen you will have to choose with keyboard layout you would like to choose. Please select US (for United States) or United States-International. Then click on Yes.

  • Want to add a second keyboard layout? Click on Skip.

  • In the next screen, you'll have to connect to your network. Please choose your wifi network, and connect to your network. You might have to fill in the password of your network. Then click on Connect. After the connections is completed, click on Next.

  • The setup for Windows will ask you to give your device a name. You don't have to do this right now. So go ahead, and click on Skip for now.

  • In the next screen you will have to choose whether this will be a personal or work related device. Go ahead and click on Set up for work or school, and click on Next.

  • Fill your Microsoft work account. Usually this is your e-mailaddress. Then click on Next.

  • In the next screen, please fill in your password and click on Sign in.

  • You might get prompted to activate your sign in with a multifactor authentication. You can do this with the Microsoft Authenticator app or with a text which you will receive on your mobile phone. Please continue with the multifactor authentication and click on Next or Continue.

  • In the next screen, the company settings and/or policies will be set up for this device. Wait until this is done.

  • Microsoft will aks for your location (time/date synchronization). Click on Yes and click Accept.

  • Again, click on Yes and then Accept.

  • Choose for Required only and click on Accept.

  • Click on Yes, and again on Accept.

  • Now, click on No and then Accept.

  • Again, click on No and then Accept.

  • After the last Accept, Windows will check for the latest updates. Please don't turn off your computer.

  • Windows is now starting up, as said in the screenshot, please let this run and don't turn off your computer.

  • One of the policies is that you will have to set up Windows Hello for Business. You can choose for facial recognition or biometric (fingerprint) access. It's also possible to skip this part for now. To continue, click on OK.

  • Setting up an PIN is mandatory. Please type in a pincode (at least 6 numbers!) and click on OK.

  • You are all set! Now click on OK to continue to your Windows desktop experience.

Updating Windows and Microsoft Store apps

  • After finishing with Windows Hello for Business, you will be redirected to the Windows desktop experience. First thing that you'll need to do is updating your computer. We highly recommend to start with this, as this is a new computer.

  • Click on the Start/Windows button and click on Settings.

  • Next, click on the Windows Update button. The Windows update screen will appear.

  • Now, click on Check for updates. Windows will start looking for the latest updates and install them automatically.

  • As the Windows updates are running, minimalize this screen. In the Windows taskbar, then click on the Microsoft Store icon. This will open the Microsoft Store app.

  • As soon as the Store app is opened, click on Library in the left pane. This will open the app library.

  • Next, click on Get updates. Als the pre-installed apps for Windows 11 wil automatically be updated. Please don't close this screen and wait until all the apps are finished with updating.

  • When the updates for the Microsoft Store are finished, run the Get updates again. You will get see that a mark-as-done icon will appear. If you see this, then close this window.

  • As soon as the Windows updates are finished, you will get a request from Windows to restart your computer. Please click on Restart now. Your computer will then restart.

  • Your computer might restart one or several times. This is as expected, so please don't turn your computer off.

  • Updates are underway and being installed/completed. Please keep your computer on!

  • Eventually, you will see a percentage bar. Again, don't turn off your computer, and let the updates complete. Your computer might restart again, this is as expected.

  • As soon as all the updates are done, you will arrive in the Windows lockscreen. Click on your mouse in this screen to open up the lock screen

  • Your user account will already be filled in, now log in with your PIN or your password. If your not automatically logged in, then fill in your PIN and click Enter.

  • Now, you're logged in Windows again, and will be redirected to your desktop experience.

Using the Microsoft 365 apps

  • Now that all the apps and updates are done and ready, it's time to start using the Microsoft 365 apps!

    Attention! If the Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, Outlook) are already installed due to a company policy, you do not have to install these apps via the Microsoft 365 (Office) app. You can then skip this step and proceed with the next step after the installation of Microsoft 365.

    On your desktop, type 'Microsoft 365' in the search bar. The search results pane will appear and as best match you will see the Microsoft 365 (Office) app. Click on this app.

  • In the Microsoft 365 (Office) app, then click on Install apps, and then on Premium Microsoft 365 apps.

  • You will notice that the OfficeSetup.exe file is downloaded. As soon as it's downloaded, click on Open File.

  • Once you clicked on open file, the Microsoft 365 and Office installer will appear. Click on Yes to proceed.

  • Please stay online and do not turn off your computer while Microsoft 365 and Office is being installed. Wait until the installation is complete.

  • Once the installation is done, you will a "You're all set!" screen. Please click on Close, and also close the Microsoft 365 (Office) app.

  • After the installation of Microsoft 365 (Office), the next step is to set up your OneDrive. Typ OneDrive in the search bar, and click on the OneDrive app which will appear as best match.

  • The OneDrive app will open. As you can see, you still have to sign in (one-time-only) to OneDrive. Typ in your e-mailaddress/username and click on Sign in.

  • As soon as you are signed in, the OneDrive set up wizard will appear. In this step, just click Next to proceed.

  • If you would like to backup the (local) folders of Desktop, Document and Pictures automatically to OneDrive, select these options and click Continue. If you do not want the automatic backup, the de-select these options and click Continue.

  • Click Next to proceed.

  • Again, click Next to proceed.

  • One more time, click Next to proceed.

  • Click Later to proceed.

  • And finally, OneDrive is set up for you! Click on Open my OneDrive folder to proceed.

  • Your OneDrive folder (in Windows File Explorer) will be opened. Keep in mind that your (older) files will be synchronized to the folder. Also notice the blue cloud icon, right in the taskbar. A blue OneDrive icon means that OneDrive has synchronized all your files, and you are good to go regarding OneDrive!

Outlook & Teams

  • Ofcourse you want to use Outlook and Teams on your computer. First let's install Outlook for Windows. RealConnections recommend using the new Outlook version. This new version is faster, uses much less computing power, has a more user-friendly interface and is less sensitive for errors. Click on the search bar and type Outlook. You will probably see two Outlook options. Please click on the Outlook (new) app, which is highlighted in the screenshot.

  • Outlook (new) will open. Your e-mailaddress will probably be already filled in as a suggested account. If not, please fill in your e-mailaddress. After that, click on Continue.

  • Outlook (new) is now setting up your e-mailaccount. This should not take too long.

  • Click on Continue to proceed.

  • Almost there! Now click on Apply settings and proceed with the final steps!

  • Finalizing your e-mailaccount(s). This should not take too long!

  • As soon as the installation is done, you will get redirected to your Outlook e-mail interface. Enjoy the new Outlook for Windows!

  • Next and final step is to start using Microsoft Teams. As Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 (Office) apps, but not yet visable, you need to restart your computer. Click on your Windows/Start button, then click on the on/off sign and click on Restart. Your computer will now be restarted.

  • After the restart, you will arrive in the Windows lockscreen. Click on your mouse in this screen to open up the lock screen

  • Your user account will already be filled in, now log in with your PIN or your password. If your not automatically logged in, then fill in your PIN and click Enter.

  • Now, you're logged in Windows again, and will be redirected to your desktop experience.

  • After you logged back in to the desktop experience, after a while a Microsoft Teams window will pop up. Click on Switch now, to start using the new Microsoft Teams app. Microsoft Teams will restart automatically.

  • It is possible that both the new and classis Teams experience are running. Click on the classic version and then click on Keep using the new Teams. This will close the classic version of Microsoft Teams.

  • The new Microsoft Teams will still be running, and you can start using this version.


With this article you can set up your Windows device and configure the most important Microsoft applications. If you need any more support, you can reach out to RealConnections.

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