Softphone Bria voor Android

Schaf in de 'Play store' de applicatie Bria aan.

-Open Bria 
-klik op 'add account' 
-klik op ' Sip generic' 
-vul bij Accountnaam in: uw naam
-vul bij 'Display name' in: uw naam 
-vul bij 'User name' in: connectienaam uit portal (vraag deze op bij uw telefonie leverancier)
-vul bij 'Password' in: password uit portal (vraag deze op bij uw telefonie leverancier)
-vul bij 'Domain' in: 
-vul bij 'Authorization name' : connectienaam uit portal (vraag deze op bij uw telefonie leverancier)

Nadat het toestel is ' geregisteerd', 
-bel *13 om na te gaan of je bent ingelogd als gebruiker

Wanneer je de melding 'call failed 488 not acceptabel here' krijgt dan dien je de codec 729a aan te schaffen.

Tevens zul je bij Advanced Settings, Audio Codecs Selection zowel de Mobile als de Wifi  codecs allemaal moeten aanzetten.

**Zorg ervoor dat het toestel-os, Andriod, op de laatste versie zit.

*** Problemen met audio? Je hoort de tegenpartij niet, of de tegenpartij hoort jou niet? Probeer 1 van onderstaande opties:


Why is there no audio during a call on WiFi?


Sometimes, Audio is incorrectly routed due to a mis-configuration of the Network Traversal Settings in Bria or elsewhere in the call.

On Bria for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablet:

Bria can identify this issue and should prompt you try to fix the issue. It changes the settings, then asks you to try another call.

This fix may take several tries - as you'll see below, there are several settings that can affect the traversal. Users are advised to try several calls before giving up.

If you wish to try the steps manually, adjust your settings as follows:

Under Accounts --> Your Account --> Account Advanced, please try to change the Global IP Wi-Fi to Off and see if it resolves the issue.

In the same area, try Enabling or Disabling "Use Ice Wi-Fi."

If the above suggestions don't work for you, please try changing the Network Traversal Strategy under the Advanced Settings:

Try to use Server Managed
Try Application Managed

Please make sure you apply the settings and run a test after every change.

Try each option with ICE Wi-FI and Global IP Wi-Fi both ON and OFF to be sure you've tried all combinations, though it usually only takes a few tries.

*Note: In some instances, users with multiple accounts will find that one account requires STUN, but other accounts do not. If this is the case, set STUN to ON in the Network Traversal Strategy, then for the accounts that require STUN to be OFF, use the "Suppress STUN" setting under the Account Advanced area of the Account.

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