What's supported in Outlook Mail

Working in Outlook Mail with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® is pretty much the same as using Outlook with any other hosted mail service. While using Outlook with Google Apps Sync, you can:

  • Send mail, reply and forward, just as you always have.
  • Accept or decline calendar invitations directly from the invitiation's message.
  • Organize and manage your messages, using nested folders, message flags and reminders, categories, and many of Outlook's other mail management features.
  • Find and autocomplete email addresses in your Contacts. Just click the To button and select the address from the Contacts list (start typing to quickly find addresses that match). You can also do this to enter group or conference room addresses defined for your domain in Google Apps. After emailing an address once, you can complete the address by typing in the To field without having to open the contact list.
  • Delegate your mail Inbox to an assistant, who can then send, reply to, and delete messages on your behalf (requires version 1.7 or later of Google Apps Sync). See delegate your mail with Google Apps Sync.
  • Use most of Outlook's other features for composing and managing your mail.

Working in Outlook Mail with Google Apps Sync:

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