Zendesk Support - Whatsapp integratie

Vraag: Wat is er nodig voor een Whatsapp account in Zendesk


The following pieces of information below are required to begin the process of setting up your WhatsApp Business account. 
1. WhatsApp Business display name
2. WhatsApp Business phone number
3. Facebook Business Manager ID
To understand how you and your teams can access the three pieces of information above, please follow the instructions provided in theInformation you need to send to Zendesk section of our help center article here. 
Once you have all three pieces of information please reply to this email. whatsapp-integration@zendesk.com
After our advocacy team receives this information, in full, they can set up your WhatsApp account which is necessary in order to activate the Zendesk-WhatsApp integration. We will then reply with further instructions that you need to take in your Facebook Business Manager account. The entire process can take anywhere between 7 to 14 business days. 

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